Why do I cry?


White mommy to the rescue

Sandra Bullock is once again out here with her fetish for adopting Black children. You gotta wonder, “What’s up with this chick”? I don’t know about anyone else, but I see this kind of behavior as sick, depraved, and desperate. It’s also dangerous to the psyche of ALL Black folk because it’s supposed to be a commentary of (and at) us. On both overt and covert levels it showcases 1) Blacks don’t care about other Blacks especially children, 2) Black people are incapable of taking care of their offspring (and that is why you got this strangè white woman riding to the rescue and adopting YOUR children), and the fact that 3) the whole of humanity would most likely cease to exist if it weren’t for the “good (read:God) will” and “humanitarianism” of good white folks.

But I implore you to examine this behavior on a closer level; time to pull out your magnifying glasses y’all. A few things known or not so known about Sandra Bullock, if you will. She was at one point in time married to a racist, white supremacist by the name of Jesse James (the name alone tells me all I need to know, and YAS! I’m profiling. D’evils do this ALL the time to their victims. And I mean: ALL THE DAMN TIME! Like the countless stories told of Black people in search of employment whose resumes get rejected simply on the basis of the name of the applicant printed at the top).  But I digress. Dude had tatts of swastikas and dressed up like Hitler for Halloween and shit (like we’re all so gullible to believe that he exclusively waited for this “special” time of the year to fly his white supremacist flag…n*gga please).  And somehow we’re all supposed to believe that Ms. Bulluck never noticed her husband’s tattoos or had prior knowledge of his racist, white supremacist mindset?  And once again, I affirmatively express: n*gga please!  Spare me the notion that these two lived separate lives as such that she had no inkling as to how he thought and felt about Black people.  Once again, I will have to digress.  Another little known fact about “Ms. Congeniality” is that she was a producer of the George Lopez show. During an interview, when asked about the reason for her involvement, she was quoted as saying that “there is nothing to being ‘white’ “. Well I’ll have to both agree and disagree with her conjecture. White people, as I will affectionately refer to them as “D’evils” have contributed plenty to society, particularly in the realm of death and destruction. So when she says “nothing to being white” the emphasis is on the fact that culture-wise, whites are vultures. They enjoy picking apart and picking at, anything that is foreign to them, especially pickaninnies (read: Black people).

So when you see Sandra Bullock and her kind adopting Black children in epidemic proportion begin to ask yourself this question: If this is for the child(ren)’s benefit, why rip the child(ren) from the arms of the parent(s) they’ve known all their lives? Why not create a fund or account where these people of means can give money to support the maintenance of the family structure rather than dismantle it? Can we honestly say #blacklivesmatter when the family structure is decayed, withered and broken down?

What’s more, as soon as it was found out in the media that Sandra Bullock’s ex was a racist white supremacist, the immediate next thing we heard about her was that she kidnapped an infant Black male child from New Orleans, named Louis. Sounds like more than a photo op to me. Sounds like somebody was exercising a little damage control.

I’ll say this, if someone does something out of the kindness of their heart Jah bless. But this isn’t kindness, more in the realm of madness. If these D’evils want to help Black people I would suggest they leave Black folk the hell alone and allow us to resolve and figure out our own damn Black problems. But we are never left alone nor left to our own devices. If we ain’t figuring it out fast enough, let time and space do what it do.

So if the future of Black children in foster and adoption services is so bleak that we require the likes of Sandra Bullock and her kind to come along and scoop up our little crumbsnatchers, why is the South African government beating down comedian Chris Rock’s door to confiscate the Black child he adopted? And yes I’m totally aware that I am using speech that can be construed as “objectifying” because these children are being used as “props” and “things” to be pawned and played with, and it’s just so unfortunate.

The media enjoys hyping this kind of tomfoolery up because it’s pure and utterly ridiculousness. Not saying that everything ridiculous doesn’t contain tinges of seriousness. But what I’m saying is don’t get bogged and beaten down by the madness because it’s used to do just that: make you mad, as in INSANE. My advice to Black folk is to stop entertaining [supporting and admiring] people like Sandra Bullock; fall for the hokey. Her behavior is not noble, actually it’s abnormal and opportunistic. Add to that, it’s disgraceful and distasteful. It’s supposed to be injurious to Black people as a collective whether you’re from the so-called USA, Caribbean, Africa, or wherever the ‘uck  Black people is geopolitically. Peep the games and don’t walk into the landmines eyes wide shut. D’evils aren’t your allies. D’evils aren’t your saviors. D’evils are definitely a force to be reckoned with but so are you. Stop giving time and energy to this frivolity, it just may save your life and the lives of others such as yourself. Remember these are the same people  (and descendants of) who “explored” the territories of the African continent and kidnapped children, women and men and dispersed them throughout the Americas and other land masses. History is prone to repeat and concede itself.


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